Patrick O'Leary Photography


Viola Twins (#228)Floating Light (#436)Waterfall (#206)Bamboo & Japanese Maple (#449)


Patrick O'Leary creates images to reflect the richness and
vibrancy of life, with the objective that each image appear painted, using only a camera, film and natural light. His hope is for the images to bathe the senses with found beauty allowing a personal connection between the viewer and the photograph.

The images on this site represent a portion of the material
in the portfolio. The images are available in a variety of formats.
For details, please see the contact page.

For greeting cards, a genuine photo is attached to archival cardstock from managed forests, using acid-free materials. To further complement the photo, there is an
embossed edge around the perimeter of the card.

Publishers and advertisers: contact us for your specific needs.
We can review the portfolio for availability of required images. Full captions are available for each photo. Information available includes: Latin and common names for plants, location, date, film, lens, exposure date and special notes. Model and Property Releases have been obtained.

Retailers: contact us for a wholesale price list and more. We will send samples upon request. Order forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to you.