About Patrick O'Leary

Patrick was born in Edmonton, and lived in southern Ontario and in England during his childhood. The extraordinary galleries, museums and gardens of London and the rugged Yorkshire countryside stimulated Patrick's passion for art and nature at an early age. Upon returning to Canada, his interest in art was futher inspired by the natural beauty across the country. He chose photography, using natural light, as the medium to interpret what he saw. His objective is that each image appear painted, using only a camera and film.

After receiving a BA from Trent University, Patrick worked as Editor/Researcher for the Arts on the Canadian Encyclopedia in Edmonton, before moving to Vancouver. Following twenty years of editing and research in publishing, in 1995 he made a career change to professional photography. He began creating his portfolio, specializing in flower and garden photographs, using professional equipment and film. Use of the technique of "editing in camera" eliminated the need for editing on a computer. Marketing starting in 1999 in various formats, including framed prints, canvas transfers, and greeting cards.

A few photographs were taken as long ago as 1978, using a basic manual 35mm camera with a 50mm lens. Most of the photographs shown have been taken since 1995. In 1984, he began using a professional model camera. It was supplemented in 1995 with a top-of-the-line professional, manual-focus 35mm Contax RTS III camera containing special features unique to this brand. The entire foundation of the system is a series of high quality, manual-focus, very heavy Zeiss lenses.

Patrick is dedicated to preserving the environment and the subjects of his photographs; therefore he does not own or drive an automobile. Most of the photographs in his portfolio were captured by using public transit, a bicycle, or by carrying the necessary 20 to 30 pounds of professional equipment on foot. This unique "Scenics on Foot" approach lends an in-depth and personal touch to his art.